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Please fill out an RMA-form before sending a unit for repair. This way we will be able to serve

you better and quicker. We kindly ask you to follow up below instructions:


    • Use a new form for each additional unit. Do not mention multiple units on one RMA-form.
    • Clearly mark the RMA-number on 3 sides of the box.
    • Use the original packaging (including original foam) to prevent damages. If you do not
      have the original packaging anymore use alternative proper packaging materials. Delta
      Elektronika B.V. is not responsible for any damages (visible and/or concealed) due to
    • Do not send line cords, output cables, connectors, etc. along with the power supply.


Note: repaired units will be returned with the latest firmware version and default factory


After clicking on "Request RMA-number" you will see a next screen containing the

confirmation of the RMA-number and the delivery address.



End of Spares and Maintenance
Download the file for the list of obsolete units which are no longer serviceable. Do not send one

of these units for service.


End of Production and Service





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T: +31 111 413656
F: +31 111 416919 

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