Student Projects

Dear future talent, you are probably searching for an internship or a graduation project. We can provide you with an exciting, high-level project. We design and produce our own innovative power supplies that adhere to a very high standard of quality. In order to reach this quality standard, we produce our products in our own factory. This means that all kinds of disciplines are used to design and produce our products. Thus, we can offer internships in many directions. Although our core is in the power electronics discipline, we welcome innovative developments in many other directions.

For example:

  • Electrical engineering (power electronics, signal processing, control systems, instrumentation...)
  • Embedded/ application software engineering
  • Mechanical engineering and Mechatronics
  • Marketing and Communication
  • Manufacturing engineering

If you would like to work in a close community of highly driven and experienced engineers to broaden your knowledge, then please send us a request. You are welcome to propose a project of your preference.


Electrical Power Engineering

We are committed to maximizing user value within the confines of existing technology. This pursuit entails rigorous research into cutting-edge technologies and the subsequent implementation of these innovations. We are capable of providing a cutting-edge project or working on a self-proposed project exploring novel converter solutions that optimize efficiency, reliability, and performance. If you are interested, please leave a message in the contact form below.


Embedded Software Engineering

Embedded software engineering is vital for the design, control, monitoring, and optimization of power supplies, ensuring they meet the demands of modern applications while maintaining reliability and efficiency. Our latest power supplies exemplify this commitment with advanced features such as all-digital control, multiple DSPs and processors, and support for various communication protocols to interface seamlessly with other devices. If you're interested in pursuing an internship or graduation thesis project in this direction, don't hesitate to reach out to us.


Previous students

Many different students have already successfully contributed to our designs and gained valuable real-life experience. Students have joined us from various schools and universities, such as Hogeschool Rotterdam (Stage en Afstuderen), TU Eindhoven, and TU Delft. For instance, at TU Delft, students participated in the EPE (Electrical Power Engineering) track, specializing in areas like Power Electronics & Electrical Machines. If you are interested, get in touch with us, through the contact form below.

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