Introducing the Newest Member of the SM15K Series:

The SM1000-CP-45


Delta Elektronika is excited to announce the latest addition to its esteemed SM15K series of power supplies: the SM1000-CP-45. This 15 kW standard power supply offers bi-directional output, constant power output, excellent efficiency, stability, and flexibility. The 1000 V output version seamlessly suits the needs of automotive drive-train development and new sustainable energy developments.

Key Features:

  • Bi-directional Power Flow Like the other SM15K family members, the SM1000-CP-45 offers bi-directional power flow. The unit can absorb 100% of the power and is symmetric in both quadrants. Voltage and current can be programmed from zero to max. Operated either from the front UI or through the built-in web-interface.
  • Power Regeneration Technology: Delta's innovative Power Regeneration Technology ensures maximum efficiency, returning full power back into the grid with an impressive efficiency rate of 95%. This eliminates the need for expensive water cooling systems, resulting in significant cost savings and a smaller carbon footprint.
  • Flexible Output: With a flexible constant power output characteristic, the SM1000-CP-45 seamlessly adapts to varying voltage and current requirements. Its constant output power spans the range of three separate power supplies with a traditional rectangular VI-curve, offering unparalleled versatility and value to users.

    Furthermore, the flexibility is enhanced by the Master/Slave interface, enabling parallel operation of currently up to 60 units. This allows for the extension of current output from -45 to 45 A, reaching -2700 to 2700 A. The number of units can be easily reconfigured through the use of offered output assembly kits, providing users with greater customization and scalability options.

  • Exceptional Dynamic Response: The SM1000-CP-45 boasts an extremely good dynamic response to load changes, recovering its output voltage in just 200 µs after a load change from +45 to -45 A and vice versa. This outstanding dynamic response allows for rapid load variations while ensuring stable and reliable performance.
  • Comprehensive Functionality: Equipped with features such as Ethernet interface, built-in sequencer, PC control software, fine-tune settings, and sink mode, the SM1000-CP-45 offers comprehensive functionality out of the box. Optional plug-and-play interfaces are also available for master/slave operation, digital I/O, interfaces, or analog programming.

Delta Elektronika continues its tradition of delivering power supplies with low electromagnetic interference, low audible noise, reliability, and efficiency. The SM1000-CP-45 exemplifies these qualities while offering bi-directional power flow, flexible output, web interface, and plug-and-play interfaces, making it an indispensable tool for a wide range of applications.

For more information about the SM1000-CP-45 and other products in the SM15K series, visit the SM15K series page. Get in contact by sending a message or contact one of our local distributors for more information.

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