Ordering a Product

Our products can be ordered through a distributor within our network, who can provide advice on the most suitable product for your application. If your country is not directly represented in our network, please submit your request through the contact form, and we will be happy to assist you.

Extending Standard Functionality

Functionality can be expanded by incorporating external interfacing modules or by ordering factory-installed options. For a comprehensive list of available options and combinations for each power supply series, please refer to the documents below.

Factory Order Options

During the ordering process, factory-installed options can be included. These options include features such as high-speed programming, power sink capabilities, and various interfacing cards. Detailed specifications for each option can be found in their respective datasheets, listed in the download section of our units. These options can also be combined as needed. For a complete list of possible combinations, please consult the order code documents below.

External Interfaces

Interfacing capabilities can be enhanced at any time by using external interface cards or kits. We offer external interface cards, output assembly kits for parallel output connection, and 19” rack adapters to mount smaller power supplies in a rack. For an overview of all available accessories, please refer to the order code documents.

Order code documents Type/Format Size
Order codes SM15K series pdf 164.15 KB
Order codes SM6000 series pdf 385.75 KB
Order codes SM3300 series pdf 145.27 KB
Order codes SM1500 series pdf 279.21 KB
Order codes SM800 series pdf 249.34 KB
Order codes ES300 series pdf 142.27 KB
Order codes ES150 series pdf 225.86 KB
Order codes EST150 pdf 59.79 KB

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