Our newest power supply models come with many standard features. Standard functionality can be extended by adding accessories and by ordering factory-installed options.

Factory-installed options can be added when ordering. Different options exist, such as high-speed programming, power sink, and different interfacing cards. Specifications for each option can be found in the option's data sheet. Data sheets of options are listed in the download section of the units. Options can be combined. See the order code documents below for all possible combinations.

Accessories can be added to the power supplies. To extend interfacing capabilities, plug-and-play interface cards are offered. To facilitate easy master-slave operation of the SM15K series, output assembly kits are offered to connect the outputs of power supplies in parallel or series. Please have a look at the order code documents for an overview of all available accessories.

Do you have any questions or need advice? Please contact us or one of our distributors.

Order code documents Type/Format Size
Order codes SM15K series pdf 164.22 KB
Order codes SM6000 series pdf 385.75 KB
Order codes SM3300 series pdf 145.27 KB
Order codes SM1500 series pdf 279.21 KB
Order codes SM800 series pdf 252.47 KB
Order codes ES300 series pdf 142.27 KB
Order codes ES150 series pdf 225.86 KB
Order codes EST150 pdf 59.79 KB

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