Sending your unit for repair

We offer repair services in order to get your power supply in the best shape again. On this page, we will explain to you how our repair procedure works. Our distributors are ready to assist you in any way or to take this process out of your hands. 

To send a unit for repair, we kindly ask you to fill out the RMA form at the bottom of the page. When the form is filled out successfully, you will receive a unique RMA number that identifies your unit. Then, our trained technicians will have a look at the unit and will estimate the costs and will eventually repair the unit with your permission. 


A brief description of the process. Detailed instructions are given in the succeeding subsection below.

  1. Fill out the RMA form below.
  2. You receive a confirmation mail which contains the RMA number.
  3. Send the unit to Delta Elektronika. See instructions and address below.
  4. We inspect the unit and a repair quotation is generated.
  5. When you approve, the unit is repaired.
  6. The unit is sent back to the address supplied in the RMA form.


1.) Please fill out the RMA form at the bottom of this page.

  • Additional documents or photos that clarify the problem description can be uploaded here as well. Any additional information is welcome as it may speed up the repair process.

  • For each additional unit, a new form should be used.

2.) Package and ship the unit. 

  • Please use the original packaging, including the original foam, to prevent damage. If you do not have the original packaging anymore, please use a decent alternative. Delta Elektronika B.V. is not responsible for any damages (visible and/or concealed) due to transportation.

  • Before shipping, clearly mark your RMA number on 3 sides of the box.

  • Please don't send any line cords or test leads attached to your unit.

  • Ship to address:

    Delta Elektronika B.V.
    Attn. Repair Department
    Vissersdijk 4
    4301 ND Zierikzee
    The Netherlands

3) Keep an eye on your mailbox in order to receive the cost estimation. Only after your approval, the repair is started.

End of Service

When filling in the RMA submission form, a quick check will be done to verify whether your power supply is still serviceable. If not, please do not send it for service.


  • Repaired units will be returned with the latest firmware version and default factory settings.
  • We reserve the right to deny units which arrive insufficiently packaged.
  • To protect our colleagues, we reserve the right to deny any unit that may expose us to harmful materials or unnecessary amounts of filth.
  • If the repair is not carried out, we charge a service fee for the preparation of the cost estimate or for the inspection of the device.

RMA form

Re-enter Serial number
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