The PSC is an RS232 or IEEE488 interface, designed for an analog programmable power supply. The PSC sets output voltage and current and reads the voltage, current and status. The PSC also controls Remote/Local, Remote Shut Down etc. Up to 15 PSC’s can be connected to only one RS232 port or IEEE488 bus. The analog voltages can be calibrated by software. The calibration settings can be saved in non volatile memory and recalled at power on.


  • Programming and monitoring of voltage and current
  • Up to 15 PSC's on one BUS
  • Software calibration
  • Isolated digital user in- and outputs
  • Factory installed or as external module


  • Monitoring status outputs: ACF, DCF, CC-mode, Over Temp, PSOL etc.
  • Two isolated user inputs and outputs (external modules only)
  • Software calibration for off set and full scale


  • Programming and monitoring resolution: 14 bit
  • Linearity error: +/- 2 LSB (prg.), +/- 1 LSB (mon.)
  • TC: 30 ppm/°C
  • Input voltage (external module): 98-264 V AC (48-62 Hz)


  • Generic Emission: EN 61326-1 (class B equipment, for use in domestic establishment)
  • Generic Immunity: EN 61326-1 (equipment for use in industrial and domestic establishment)
  • Safety: EN 60950 / EN 61010
  • Insulation inputs / outputs to case: 1000 V rms
  • Protection class: IP20

Dimensions and weight

  • Width: 89 mm
  • Height: 86 mm
  • Depth: 119 mm
  • Weight: 0.7 kg

Standards, dimensions and weight apply to the external module


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