Master/ Slave operation of the SM3300 series

This interface card enables parallel or series operation of the SM3300 series, while ensuring optimal dynamic response, swift reaction times ranging from 100 to 200 microseconds, and the potential for high-speed operation in Master/Slave parallel configurations. Additionally, built-in safeguards prevent exceeding of maximum total voltage.


Functionality-wise, multiple power supplies seamlessly integrate to function as a single cohesive system, with all information visible on the master unit. Up to 8 units can operate in M/S configuration. Easily pluggable by users on-site. For more information, consult the data-sheet and manual in the downloads section.


  • Easy control of series and parallel operation
  • Optimal dynamic response in parallel operation
  • Fast reaction time: 100 to 200 uSec
  • High speed possible in M/S parallel operation
  • Protection against exceeding maximum total voltage
  • Mixed series and parallel possible


  • Multiple power supplies behave as one large system
  • All information visible on master
  • Up to 8 units in M/S operation
  • For SM3300 series only, max. 1 pc. INT MOD M/S per unit possible
  • Combination with INT MOD SIM not possible
  • Installation in all slots possible
  • Easy to plug in by user on site


  • Operating temperature: -20 to +50 ºC


  • Safety: EN 60950 / EN 61010

Dimensions and weight

  • Width: 25 mm
  • Height: 77 mm
  • Depth: 77 mm
  • Weight: 70 gr

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Data sheets Type/Format Size
Data sheet Interfaces SM3300 series pdf 371.39 KB
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Manual Interfaces SM3300 series pdf 634.66 KB