This interface enables high-accuracy simulation of PV, leadless sensing, and fold-back current. It also enables the simulation of complex I-V curves. The interface is configured over a web interface and a computer application.


  • High accuracy simulation
  • Simulation of photovoltaic, internal resistance, leadless sensing and foldback current
  • Custom programmable table, for simulation of complex I-V curves
  • Configurable by web interface and windows application


  • Simulation of photovoltaic curves with fast response
  • Ideal for testing MPP trackers
  • Windows application for programming and monitoring
  • For the SM3300 series only, max. 1 pc. INT MOD SIM per unit possible
  • Can not be plugged in slot 1
  • Combination with INT MOD M/S not possible
  • Easy to plug in by user on site


  • Programming accuracy: 0.2%
  • Operating temperature: -20 to +50 ºC


Safety: EN 60950 / EN 61010


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Data sheets Type/Format Size
Data sheet Interfaces SM3300 series pdf 371.39 KB
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Manual Interfaces SM3300 series pdf 634.66 KB
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Software INT SIM V0100 zip 144.71 MB