Output Assembly kits

To increase output power, outputs of multiple SM15K units can be connected in parallel or in series. Together with the plug-and-play M/S interface of the SM15K, multiple units will operate as one big system. In such a system, the SM15K units serve as a modular building block.


In order to quickly and safely assemble and reconfigure a system of multiple SM15K units, special output assembly kits are offered. Different output kits are offered per SM15K unit type, as their current and voltage ranges differ. 


At this moment, the SM15K units allow the operation of up to 60 units in parallel and also several in series. We offer kits for a fixed number of units in parallel or in series. These kits can be combined by stacking them, in order to connect more units than offered by individual kits. For example, to connect 20 units in parallel, a combination of two assembly kits of ten units and a connecting set for two units can be used.


Furthermore, many of our distributors offer custom cabinet systems, built to your individual needs.


  • Easy assembly and reconfiguration of multiple SM15K outputs
  • Bus bars to connect the outputs of the power supply units
  • Cables to connect the plug-and-play master/ slave interfaces
  • Output safety covers
  • Kits can be combined and stacked


SM70-CP-450 kits

  • M/S PAR SET A2 — for 2 units in parallel
  • M/S PAR SET A6 — for 6 units in parallel
  • 6 to 60 in parallel — contact factory for assistance

SM500-CP-90 kits

  • M/S SER SET BA — for 2 units in series
  • M/S SER SET BB — for 3 to 6 units in series


  • Building block for a modular high-power system of SM15K units
  • Connecting outputs in parallel or series
  • Master/Slave operation when using the plug-and-play master/ slave interfaces




SM210-CP-150, SM500-CP-90, SM1000-CP-45 and SM1500-CP-30 kits

  • M/S PAR SET C2   — for 2 units in parallel
  • M/S PAR SET C12 — for 12 units in parallel
  • 13 to 20 in parallel  — see application note
  • 21 to 60 in parallel — contact factory for assistance


An overview of all standard kits is given in the order codes sheet of the SM15K unit.


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