Longlife precision

The SM800 Series consists of power supplies with excellent lifetime and stability. Multiple power supplies can be connected in series, parallel or both in series and parallel to create numerous output configurations. Optionally, power sink can be ordered with this power supply to be able to dissipate up to 140 W. 

Standard, the SM800 can be controlled either via the front or an analog input at the rear of the power supply. Optionally, Ethernet, RS232 or isolated remote programming features can be factory installed. Furthermore, external interface modules are available to add this functionality to existing units.


High isolation voltage

The output terminals of all units, including the low voltage variants, are floating and isolated up to 600 V DC. Combined with the optional 19" mounting, the power supply can be integrated into larger systems easily. In those situations, the interlock connector can be used for system level protection measures.


Unit Voltage Current VI-curve
0 - 7.5 V
0 - 80 A
0 - 18 V
0 - 50 A
0 - 35 V
0 - 70 V
0 - 24 A
0 - 12 A
0 - 200 V
0 - 400 V
0 - 4 A
0 - 2 A


  • Designed for long life at full power
  • Excellent dynamic response to load changes
  • Protected against all overload and short circuit conditions
  • EMC surpasses CE requirements: low emission & high immunity
  • Low audible noise: fan is temperature controlled


  • Master/Slave parallel and series operation with voltage and current sharing
  • Stacking is allowed, space between units is not required
  • High power system configuration from multiple units
  • Laboratory use (feet included), 19” rack mounting optional
  • Remote sensing
  • Interlock


  • Input voltage (single phase): 90-265 VAC (48-62 Hz)
  • Active Power Factor Correction (PFC): 0.99 (at 100% load)
  • Efficiency: up to 89% (at full load)
  • Output ripple and spikes: from 2 mVRMS / 8 mVPP
  • Regulation: from 0.2 mV (0-100% load step)
  • Recovery time: from 100 µs (50-100% load step)
  • Programming speed: from 4 ms (10-90%), optional from 0.2 ms
  • Analog programming accuracy: from 0.2%
  • Output voltage and current stability: 6.10-5 / 9.10-5
  • MTBF: 500 000 hrs
  • Operating ambient temperature: -20 to +50 ºC


  • Emission: EN 61326-1 (class B equipment, for use in domestic establishment)
  • Immunity: EN 61326-1 (equipment for use in industrial and domestic establishment)
  • Safety: EN 60950-1 / EN 61010-1
  • Insulation input / output: 3750 VRMS (1 min.)
  • Protection class: IP20

Dimensions and weight

  • Width: half 19 inch
  • Height: 2 U
  • Depth: 406 mm
  • Weight: 5.4 kg


Optional factory installed features

High Speed Programming
High Speed Programming

A 10 to 20 times higher programming speed and lower output capacitance. Excellent for laser applications, fast test systems or as current source with low parallel capacitance as used in plasma chambers. For more information, download the data sheet High Speed Programming.

Front connection
Front Power Output

Binding posts at the front panel instead of at the rear panel (n/a for SM7.5-80). For more information, download the data sheet SM800 series (see pages 1-2, 1-5 & 1-6).

Digital Encoders
Digital Voltage and Current Setting

Reliable, long life digital encoders are implemented at the front panel. Includes total front panel lock and a coarse or fine pitch adjustment depending on the turning speed. For more information, download the data sheet Digital Encoders.

Increased Output Power
Increased Output Power

For conservatively rated units, extra output power with the same reliability is allowed (except SM18-50). At some derating, either the maximum output voltage or current of these units can be increased by about 10%. Contact us or our local distributor for information which units extra output power is allowed.

2-Quadrant Output: Power Sink
2-Quadrant Output: Power Sink

The 2-quadrant operation maintains the output voltage constant regardless the output power is positive or negative. Ideal for PWM-speed controlled DC-motors and ATE-systems. For more information, download the data sheet Power sink.

Secured Voltage and Current Setting
Secured Voltage and Current Setting

For maximum security the settings for CV and CC can be adjusted with a screwdriver only and are protected with a plastic cap from accidental adjusting. Units with digital voltage and current setting already have secured settings.

Software Control and Interfaces
Software Control and Interfaces

Factory installed programming interfaces*:

* there is room for only one of the interfaces in a unit


Add-on interfaces to be added at any time

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