Downloads and replacements

The table below, lists information on discontinued products. Both documentation and suggested replacement models are listed. To sort the table, click the table headers, first click is ascending, second click is descending.

An alternative way to finding a suiting replacement power supply is using the product selector. By entering your desired operating point (Voltage, Current). The selector will show all power supply models that are able to meet this requirement. Delta power supplies are able to perform reliably on the edges of their operating range. From zero to maximum voltage and current.


If you have any questions concerning discontinued products, please contact our sales or support department.

Product Downloads Replacement Discontinuation date
1200S24 Manual No 2017
1200S24 incl. P067 P080 On demand No 2009
1200S24 incl. P067 P108 On demand No 2009


Manual No 2017

1200S48 incl. P073 P080

On demand No 2009

1200S48 incl. P073 P108

On demand No 2009
150SX15-15 Manual No 2017
150SX200-200 Manual No 2017
150SX5 Manual No 2017
150SX75-75 Manual No 2017
240S24 Manual No 2017
30S15-15 Manual No 1997
30S5 Manual No 1997
5U15-15(B) Manual No 2017
5U5B Manual No 2017
600S24 Manual No 2017
60S5 Manual No 1993
75S15-15 Manual No 1993
75SX15-15 Manual No 2017
75SX5 Manual No 2017
AL24-48 Data sheet No 2017
BA150 Application note No 2017
BA75 Application note No 2017
BK12-1 On demand No 1984
BK15-15 On demand No 1999
BK5-10 On demand No 1984
C12-2 On demand No 1975
C30-0.2 On demand No 1974
C30-1 On demand No 1975
C5-5 On demand No 1978
C60-0.1 On demand No 1988
C15-1D Manual No 1978
CS100 Manual No 1994
CST100 On demand No 1994
CV15-2 On demand No 1987
CV30-1 On demand No 1975
D015-1.5 Manual ES030-5 1970
D030-0.3 Manual ES030-5 1976
D030-1 Manual ES030-5 1970
D030-3 Manual ES030-5 1972
D050-0.5 Manual ES075-2 1970
D050-10 On demand SM70-AR-24 1975
D08-1 Manual ES015-10 1971
D10 On demand No 1983
D1, D1D & D2 Manual No 1975
D5 Manual No 1975
E015-2 Manual ES015-10 2001
E015-20 Manual SM18-50 1984
ES018-0.6D Manual EST150 2001
E0300-0.1 Manual ES0300-0.45 2001
E030-1 Manual ES030-5 2001
E030-10 Manual ES030-10 1984
E030-3 Manual ES030-5 1993
E060-0.6 Manual ES075-2 2001
E060-6 Manual SM70-AR-24 1980
EK030-10 On demand ES030-10 1996
ES030-5 gen1 On demand ES030-5 2000
L24-1.5 On demand No 1987
L5-5 On demand No 1991
LD15-1 On demand No 1987
LT30B On demand No 1987
LT30C On demand No 1987
M12-2.5 On demand No 1986
M15-16HE Manual No 2004
M24-10 On demand No 1986
M24-12HE Manual No 2004
M24-20 Manual No 1984
M24-20HE Manual No 2004
M48-10 Manual No 1984
M48-10HE Manual No 2004
M5-10 On demand No 1986
M60-4 On demand No 1986
M60-5HE Manual No 2004
MS015-20 On demand No 1981
MS030-10 On demand No 1981
MS5-30 On demand No 1980
MST015-20 Manual SM18-50 1981
MST030-10 Manual ES030-10 1981
MST060-5 Manual SM70-AR-24 1981
MT24-10 On demand No 1975
MT24-12HE Manual No 1989
MTC155 On demand No 1975
MV30-6 On demand No 1985
PSC-232 Manual RS232 2003
PSC-44M Manual PSC488 2003
PSC-488 Data sheet and Manual No 2023
PSC625 On demand No 1992
PSC-CAN Manual and software No 2022
PSC-ETH Gen.1 Manual and Software PSC ETH Gen.2 2019
PSC-PROFIBUS Manual and software No 2022
RA10 On demand No 2017
S15-18 Manual No 2017
S24-10 On demand No 1988
S28-10 Manual No 2017
S5-40 On demand No 1988
S6-40 Manual No 2017
SM120-13 gen1 Manual SM120-13 2005
SM120-25D Manual SM330-AR-22 2017
SM15-100 gen1 Manual SM15-100 2005
SM15-200D Manual SM18-220 2017
SM1540-D Manual SM18-50 2007
SM3004-D Manual SM400-AR-4 2007
SM300-5 gen1 Manual SM300-5 2005
SM30-100D Manual SM66-AR-110 2017
SM300-10D Manual SM330-AR-22 SM660-AR-11 2017
SM3540 On demand SM35-45 1997
SM35-45 gen1 Manual SM35-45 2005
SM45-70D Manual SM66-AR-110 SM100-AR-75 2017
SM52-30 gen1 Manual SM52-30
SM6020 Manual SM70-AR-24 1989
SM7020-D Manual SM70-AR-24 2007
SM70-22 gen1 Manual SM70-22 2005
SM70-45D Manual SM100-AR-75 2017
SMX7220 On demand SM70-22 1997
ST150 Manual No 2017
ST60(A) Manual No 1998
TPS015-1.5 Manual ES015-10 1964
TPS030-10 On demand ES030-10 1965
TPS12-1 On demand ES015-10 1965
TPS24-5 On demand ES030-5 1965
TPS6-1 On demand ES015-10 1965
TPS050-5 On demand SM70-AR-24 1965
U15-250 On demand No 1984
U5-10 On demand No 1970
U5-1000A On demand No 1991
UCS50(B) Manual No 2017
UD5-200A On demand No 1983
VE11 Manual No 1975
VE21 Manual No 1975
VE22 Manual No 1975
VE23 Manual No 1975